Your partner for all of life’s transitions and financial decisions.

Your Partner for All of Life’s Transitions and Financial Decisions

Pitzl Financial is a St. Paul – Minneapolis Fee-Only financial planning and wealth management firm. We pair objective financial planning with disciplined investing to you Design, Build and Protect your assets through all of life’s transitions. Our approach to the planning process has earned us a place in the Top 12 Financial Advisory Firms in the Twin Cities.

We believe that the fundamental purpose of financial planning is to help people plan for – and live – a better life. Money is best used in a manner that supports one’s life, rather than being the driving force in the decision-making process. Money is merely a tool and a means to live the life you want.

While many financial conversations revolve around topics like investing, tax reduction, or cash flow planning, some of the biggest and most important financial decisions we make are actually about things much bigger than money. Our process is not about products. It is all about intentionally aligning your personal financial affairs with your values and goals.

We apply academic, evidence-based principles in the technical areas of financial planning and marry them with your unique financial personalities and lifestyle to create a plan that works for you. We strongly believe in a collaborative process where we serve as advisors to you, your family’s CEO(s).

Welcome to Your Personal Boardroom™.

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Financial Planning

Inherently, money has no value at all. It is a dull, lifeless, man-made creation designed to ease the facilitation of commerce. The real value of money lies in what it allows you to experience. Money is an excellent servant to our lives, but makes for a horrible master.

Investment Philosophy

As individuals, each of us is unique. While we each have distinct investment objectives, one of the most essential elements of investing is having the ability to distinguish between investing and speculating.

Investment Discipline

The most fundamental purpose of developing a coordinated investment plan is to ensure that there is a smart place for you to get money whenever you need it. We recognize that life’s bills do not always come at the peak of a market cycle, so it is critically important to build resiliency into your portfolio.

Your Personal Boardroom™

An effective board has a clear mission and understanding of what the entity is trying to accomplish. A clear and honored mission, coupled with shared commitments, results in a highly effective team working in tandem to accomplish common goals.

Building Relationships by Doing the Right Thing...Always.

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As we inch our way toward Election Day 2020, we are receiving a natural increase in questions about the impact this will have on markets and portfolios. First and foremost, no matter what the polls and forecasts are saying in advance, we never know the outcome of an election until the votes are counted (as the last election clearly demonstrated).
Buckingham recently launched a video series called “Ask Buckingham” to address common questions and concerns about the state of financial markets. Through conversations with members of the Buckingham Investment Policy Committee and research team, this series seeks to give some perspective on the current state of things, historical context around prior crashes, why having plans before and during a crash is so important, and the behavioral challenges market crashes present us with.